Ossein is the collagen component of bone. Ossein is used exclusively in the manufacture of Gelatin. The manufacturing process involves leaching of Crushed Bones in Hydrochloric acid to separate the organic and inorganic portion in bones. This is accomplished by soaking the bone in Hydrochloric acid (approximately 4%,< pH 1.5) for a period of about 5-7 days. The resultant demineralized collagen is known as Ossein. Ossein is the component which undergoes further processing and purification and becomes Gelatin.

Di Calcium Phosphate (DCP)

It is a source of highly available Phosphorus (P) and Calcium (Ca) that will help to meet animal and poultry requirements for these essential nutrients. Product features & Advantage BPL’s Di Calcium Phosphate (DCP) is made exclusively from animal bones and thus enjoys these critical advantages absent in similar products made from other sources:

·         Higher content of easily digestible phosphorous and calcium.

·         Better bio-availability of phosphorous

·         Lower fluorine content.

·      Excellent storage life – Low moisture content and absence of fat and protein content enhances the storage life of the product and the feed supplements made with it.

·   Fine, free-flowing, powdery form facilitates handling and ensures easy and quick dispersion of micro nutrients, a feature particularly relevant to mineral mixtures and poultry feeds.

·         No genetic problems on usage.

·         Advanced processing minimizes impurities.

·    Our process ensures that the contamination from harmful bacteria is negligible. Technical support for farmers and end users.

BPL exercises stringent quality control not only in the selection of raw material but also at every stages of production, until the product is finally delivered into customer hands.

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